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Selenite comes in two forms: as a clear crystal with both clarity and a lovely shimmery quality, and in a form called a rosette.
The clear selenites, like all clear crystals -- Quartz, Calcite, Fluorite, and Danburite -- have the quality of activating the seventh (crown) chakra.
The seventh chakra is our direct connection to spirit. When it is balanced, we understand our relationship with the universe. We feel our connection with other humans and other forms of life.
Clear Selenite's particular contribution towards furthering this connection is its ability to allow us to consciously understand our own deepest inner truth, that part of ourselves which is not body, not emotions or thoughts, but pure spirit. In this sense, it helps us to be in touch with our purpose for being in physical existence.
Because of its ability to help us filter out ego-based messages and thoughts it is an excellent crystal for meditation when placed on the crown (top of the head). It can also help to clear up mental confusion.
Selenite rosettes are named for their resemblance to roses. Each rosette appears to have many petals. They are usually tan or beige in colour, and are opaque.
Spiritually, the rose represents pure love, which is the highest vibration. I think of Selenite rosettes as grounding this energy.
It is significant that selenite in both its forms relates to purity. There is also a deeper connection. Love is the medium which enables us to experience our connection to all of life, and you will find that working with both forms of selenite can deepen this experience.




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