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Stones help us to understand their purpose by their colour. Seraphinite is unusual in appearance, dark green with a silvery, almost fern-like pattern.
When we think of the colour green, we may think of the grass that cushions our feet or the leaves that shelter us from the sun. We may think of spring and the renewal of life. Green is the colour of physical healing, and Seraphinite's colour, so dark it's almost black, adds the element of grounding.
The colour silver is almost white, which symbolizes spirit, the flow of non-physical energy. In Seraphinite we see the idea of a physical entity infused with the light of spirit.
This is in many ways the essence of healing. At its most fundamental level, it consists of infusing the being with vibrational energy.
Seraphinite is believed to cause old patterns of disease or imbalance to fall away. This creates a space for new patterns of well-being to form. In order to meditate with Seraphinite for this purpose, I suggest looking with slightly unfocused eyes at the pattern in your stone, then closing your eyes and imagining the pattern dissolving. Then, turn the stone over and look at the pattern on the other side. See it as a pattern of healing and balance and imagine this pattern infusing your being.
Seraphinite, with its earthy green colour, helps those who feel alienated from their physical bodies to appreciate the wonder of physical form. This active appreciation allows more light to infuse physicality.
Green is the traditional colour of the heart chakra, but Seraphinite can be placed on any part of the body where balance is needed. As you meditate with it, imagine silver light feathering its way through you and visualize your body in perfect health.




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