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We often think of the emotions as originating and residing in the heart, but another place where they live, often imprisoned, is in the solar plexus. As young children, discouraged away from the full expression of our emotions, we learn that shallow breathing helps us not to feel as much. The repression of feeling can become automatic, and life, while perhaps less painful, also has less joy.
While Rhodochrosite is the primary stone for assisting one in consciously learning to breathe deeply again, Unakite can be very helpful in the steady release of feelings long held in. An opaque coral and olive-green stone (two colours associated with the solar plexus), it consists of three minerals: feldspar, epidote, and quartz.
Feldspar takes a number of forms (Moonstone is one) In general, it helps one to detach from old ways of doing things, thus permitting creativity to flower. It also assists in self-awareness and self-love.
Epidote enhances one's perceptions, encourages participation with others, and helps in self-esteem.
Quartz, among its many attributes, is the primary stone used for dissolving energy blockages.
When one is supported by deepened self-esteem and self-awareness, it is easier to allow old feelings to arise so that they may be released.
Unakite lends another element to self-awareness. In working with this stone, people have noticed that they were able to go beyond the physical symptoms of an illness to understand its mental and emotional sources. It is also believed to help release conditions which have been inhibiting personal growth.




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