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Although it is generally accepted that there are ten basic colours emanating from the aura, the more adept may see further and able to see many variations to the basic colours.

This list is written for those who wish to use aura as a means of reading the subject,(sitter) so has therefore been written as such.

To every positive there is a negative so to balance, the negative is included for each listing.

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Positive: Indicates an ability to find deep spiritual purpose, sense of humility, acceptance of difficulties, imagination, spontaneity and originality, perhaps verging on the eccentric. May also be a sign of vision and clairvoyance.
Negative: May indicate a person being too attached to the spiritual world, retreating from reality, A person too sensitive and emotional, an introvert who prefers fantasy to reality.

Positive: Indication of reflection, meditation and healing. A person desiring harmony and peace, often happiest when living in their own imaginary world.
Negative: May become to attached to imagination and dreams.

Positive: The predominantly turquoise aura suggests a person with a positive attitude to themselves and their needs. Likely to have high energy levels and enjoy physical exercise. This person tends to feel as ease in the company of others and radiates an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity.
Negative: May indicate an obsession with self or a desperate need to succeed, to be somebody.

Positive: The predominantly blue aura represents sound judgement, reliability, and risk free progress.

Negative: May signify mental overload, stress.

Positive: The colour of compassion and affection. Indicating sensitivity and gentleness combined with organisation and common sense.
Negative: May represent a need for change or a person trapped and drained by the expectations of others.

Deep green

Positive: Deep green auras tend to be found on confident, friendly and reliable people. Calm and unflappable this person is likely to be grounded and down to earth.
Negative: May overlook the need to relax and wind down. Desire of success may lead to neglect of feelings, health and bodily needs.

Positive: A yellow aura indicates well-being and happiness, mental agility and rational thinking, a strong sense of direction combined with the ability to be flexible.
Negative: May indicate a spirit of competitiveness to the extent of using deceit or manipulation to achieve their ends.

Positive: The colour of joy and friendship. This person has the capacity to really enjoy living, and extrovert who enjoys being the centre of attention, likely to be vibrant and witty with the ability to communicate with anybody.
Negative: May be so enthusiastic about everybody else that they forget their own needs, leading to exhaustion or alienation from their own feelings.

Positive: Pink aura indicate, warm heartedness, love and vocation. Blazes of pink often appear in an aura during the early stages of a love affair.
Negative: Dusty pink indicates an immature attitude, just fooling around, no genuine love of anything.

Positive: A deep red aura suggests a powerful ego and a strong will. Passion or desire and the ability to attune to ideas and plans.
Negative: May be an indication of anger and aggression. May also be a sign that the person is nervous, impatient or over- anxious.

Positive: The colour of inspiration, visions and dreams, as an aura colour it suggests psychic ability. The individual may be creative, inventive and original.
Negative: May indicate an individual under pressure, creative energy requiring an outlet.

Positive: Another colour that indicates psychic ability this time combined with an interest in mystery and magic. Is often found in the aura of people undergoing profound spiritual awakening.
Negative: May indicate an obsession with psychic contact and phenomena, a person who having failed to find inner truth relies on the psychic powers of others.

Positive: White is the colour of healing energy, of advancement, awakening and attaining goals. May signify balance and harmony and a strong connection with other people.
Negative: Clouds of white may indicate a person unsure of their true identity, playing many roles.

Positive: The colour of fertility and creativity, may be present when women ovulate. May signify a deep sexual connection to another person.
Negative: May indicate a person with no emotional boundaries. Someone who alienated from their own feelings mirrors the feelings of those around them.

Sky Blue
Positive: The colour of sensitivity and imagination, sky blue is often found in the aura of writers and artists. Suggests a strong gut instinct and powerful intuition, may imply that an individual is in tune with those around them.
Negative: May indicate a period of adjustment, insecurity or self-doubt. Often appears when people are going through relationship break-ups.

Light Green
Positive: Often found in the aura of the financially successful suggests the ability to make progress.
Negative: This person may become to eager to please that they forget what pleases themselves.

Positive: This is the colour of strength and purpose, often seen when a person is seeking change or personal development. Indicates an intelligent happy playful person with the courage of their convictions.
Negative: This person may become arrogant assuming they inspire and sweep along everyone around them.

Positive: A predominantly copper aura suggests a person grounded, hardworking and enthusiastic with a tendency to follow conventions.
Negative: May indicate a person lacking in motivation, who feels life is dull and does not want to be inspired with enthusiasm.

Light Red
Positive: The colour of joy and sensuality it suggests that the person is involved in an erotic and deeply sexual relationship.
Negative: May indicate an obsessive desire for sexual contact. Someone insecure in their sexuality or identity.

Positive: Claret often appears in an individuals aura during periods of career change or change of direction. It suggests enthusiasm and the need to be noticed. It may also indicate deep feelings and wishful thinking.
Negative: The person with claret in their aura may feel quick tempered and impulsive. Claret is often seen in the aura when people are having difficulties with their feelings, they may become overbearing and demanding.

Auras Guide

Auras Guide is Designed to Help You Use Auras to Attract Abundance, Eliminate Pain and Enhance Healing. Click Here



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