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Overview: Symbol, The Goat~~~Element, Earth~~~Quality, Cardinal~~~Ruling Planet, Saturn~~~Compatibility, TAURUS and VIRGO~~~Opposite sign, CANCER~~~Colour, Matt Tones (black)~~~Phrase, I MAKE USE OF~~~Practical vision, Unemotional, Sober, Orderly, Control, Manipulating, Power, Dependable.

Practical Capricorn, the tenth sign of the zodiac, represents discipline, ambition, and rationality, making you the most determined and persistent sign of the zodiac. Since you have such an unshakable faith in your own power, you have an extreme capacity for hard work and endurance.
Saturn, the planet of challenges and restrictions, is the ruler of Capricorn. Saturn is sometimes associated with bad luck; however, without the obstacles of Saturn we would never grow and evolve any further, which makes this planet the one that makes us tough, because it teaches us to develop patience and staying power.

Capricorn is the third earth sign, which means you know that you can't live on inspiration alone, and therefore, you have become a down-to-earth realist, and are willing to take care of the daily chores. For that reason, stability and consistency are very important to you.
You, Capricorn, rule the tenth house of the horoscope, a sector associated with career, social standing, and personal aspirations. Furthermore, this house describes your ambitions and goals in life, as well as your public image and your reputation in your social circles.
Capricorn is a cardinal sign, meaning that you don't wait for others to take action - you charge right in making full use of your qualities of pragmatism, efficiency, and diligence.

You have many strengths, dear Capricorn, because with diligence and patience you work to reach the high goals you have set for yourself. Your calm, diplomatic, and pragmatic approach is admirable. On top of that, once you commit to something, you feel responsible and accountable for what you do, which makes you such a trustworthy and loyal person.
However, you also have weaknesses. Sometimes, you can get very pessimistic and sceptical. You don't always have the flexibility to make a quick change in plans if something doesn't work. You are also known for being calculating and despotic at times, as well as cold and indifferent.

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