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In Latin, Aquamarine means "water of the sea," and Roman sailors are said to have believed that it helped to protect them from drowning and to ensure a good catch of fish.
This stone is a member of the family of blue-green stones, which also includes BLUE TOPAZ, TURQUOISE, and CHRYSOCOLLA. These stones relate to the throat centre, which rules communication, as well as breathing, eating, drinking, smelling, and hearing. Both physically, mentally, and metaphysically the throat is one of the busier centres, and one of the more vulnerable. A phrase such as " you really expect me to swallow that?" demonstrates the various levels on which this centre functions.
A wise person once said that if when two people were having a disagreement they, instead of speaking, would only fall into silence their misunderstandings would be resolved.
We do seem, however, to be determined to speak, and wearing or holding Aquamarine is believed to soften our words. A helpful visualization to use in conjunction with this is to imagine the sea wearing away and smoothing rocks.
Astrologically, Aquamarine relates to PISCES, symbolized by the fish. Pisces, according to many astrologers, represents the most difficult stage in human evolution, the transcendence of self, and it is this aspect of the sign which relates most directly to Aquamarine.
When one transcends self (even if briefly) the feeling is that of being part of an oceanic consciousness. Like the Roman sailors, if we hold onto our Aquamarine, we may remain afloat.




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