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Thinking is part of being human, but we often don't realize that we hold many beliefs from the past that we haven't consciously evaluated for years. These unconscious beliefs often dictate our behaviour without our knowing it.
How many times have you automatically decided that you don't like something or don't want to do something? This happens because there is within each of us a filtering process that makes these decisions for us. While this process can be useful in mundane decisions of daily life ("I prefer cats to dogs;" "I'd prefer a vacation by the sea to one in the mountains") it can be very limiting in terms of life decisions. ("No, I don't want a new career because a steady job and security are more important.")
A great freedom occurs when we are able to consciously look at old programmed beliefs, and one of the best crystals for helping to accomplish this is Azurite. This deep indigo crystal helps to move unconscious thoughts into the conscious mind. When we can see the patterns they form, we can evaluate them in the light of intuition and a sense of the soul's purpose.
This stone has the ability to keep us grounded in consciousness both when we evaluating past beliefs and when we dissolve them in the light of higher consciousness. In addition, this crystal can be placed on any part of the body where there is a feeling of congestion and density.
It traditionally relates to the third eye, or brow, chakra. You can place it there while meditating. Breathe in and out slowly, and focus on the azurite. Visualize its energy penetrating through layers of consciousness and finding those beliefs you would most like to have surfaced.
Do this whenever you feel that some invisible belief is keeping you from forward. You can strongly benefit from the effects of this mental house cleaning.




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