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Blue Lace Agate

The throat centre is the vehicle through which we express both what we feel in the heart and think in the mind. When we are afraid to express our thoughts and feelings, the throat centre can become blocked, a condition that can make self-expression even more difficult. It can also lead to a suppression of true thoughts or feelings so that one doesn't even have to deal with contemplating their expression.
Of the many stones associated with the throat chakra, Blue Lace Agate is considered the crystal most connected to the initial opening of this energy centre when its natural function has become limited and its energy congested.
As an Agate, it is a grounding stone, and when we feel grounded in our bodies we often feel more comfortable. This state of ease can allow our energy to flow more freely. Its colour, a pale blue with white streaks, also relates to its qualities. Its energy is very gentle. It's a very soothing stone for gently allowing for the opening of self-expression.
Often, when communications have been withheld, a charge of anger accumulates, and the longer the communication is suppressed the greater the anger. It can feel so explosive that one becomes afraid to communicate.
In such situations Blue Lace Agate reveals its special characteristics. If you would prefer to express yourself peacefully, and if you are willing to make a commitment to do so, this stone can help you to do so. Meditate with it, visualizing yourself speaking calmly and peacefully. Then program the stone, and have it close at hand for your actual conversation.
Once the throat chakra is open for communication, you may find that other blue and blue-green stones will be helpful for other levels of conversation. You may find, though, that, from time to time, some words are difficult to speak. In such instances blue lace agate can once again ease your self-expression.




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