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For those who have trouble making decisions--be they big ones, or which movie to see, Carnelian can be a very helpful stone. It seems to have the ability to help us ground ourselves in the present, to make decisions based not on our past ("I've always done this;" "I don't like big changes") but on exactly where we are in the present moment
Others have reported that Carnelian has helped them improve their memory. When they've forgotten something they hold the stone, stop thinking about whatever it is that they've forgotten, and at some point their memory returns.
A special use we have for Carnelians is to program them for mild, warm winters.

Carnelian and Libra

After Gemini, the astrological sign with the most trouble making decisions is Libra. The reasons for indecision are different; Librans (their symbol is the Scales of Justice) have the ability to see both sides of a situation, and dread the possibility that they might make a choice which would be a mistake. If they're choosing between the claims of two people they are even more hesitant.




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