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Like all pale-blue stones, Celestite relates to communication and creativity. Its special attributes are its ability to enhance peacefulness and mental clarity.
The quality of its peacefulness can best be compared to the feeling we have when we gaze quietly at the sky. It's a feeling of having transcended all earthly cares and of being in communication with spirit.
Celestite helps us to quiet the circular and repetitive worries that so often fill our mind, whether we are worried about what has happened in the past or anticipating some future unpleasantness. These concerns make it difficult for us to be open to any new ideas and prevent us from being in true communication with ourselves. Celestite helps to calm the over-active mind and teaches us how to be receptive.
When we learn to release expectations, be they positive or negative, we develop a new kind of understanding which is based on trust, rather than on certainty. With this level of trust we are able to stop filtering out information which doesn't agree with what we "know," and learn to receive without judgment new insights.
Because of its peaceful energy, this crystal also helps to cool anger and to relieve tension. In meditation it is most effectively placed on the throat chakra, although you can get some very interesting results by placing it on the third eye.
One cautionary note: this crystal should not be exposed to direct sunlight.




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