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Crystals and The Chakras

One of the nicest aspects of crystals is that they are colour-coordinated with the energy centres called the chakras. We've provided this in-depth guide to help make working with crystals and the chakras easier.
Please note that our chakra descriptions focus on imbalances. If what you read doesn't apply to you that chakra is most likely in balance. However, it does no harm to place an appropriate stone on each chakra while meditating. This helps to provide overall balance for the aura.
You may notice that some crystals relate to more than one chakra. Tiger's eye, for instance, as a grounding stone, relates to the first chakra. Because of its golden hue and its connection to manifesting goals it can be used as a third-chakra stone as well.
The same is true of essential oils. Rose and Jasmine, for example, relate to love on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels, thus connecting to the second, fourth, and seventh chakras.

Crystal Healing & the Chakras

Human Energy Systems

In Sanskrit chakra means "wheel," and those who can see them describe chakras as spinning wheels of light. They are found in the aura, an electromagnetic force field that surrounds every living being. The energy of the aura is that of our thoughts and feelings, and the chakras concentrate and coordinate the flow of these energies in and from the physical body.
We who use healing modalities based on subtle energy (flower essences, crystals, Reiki) believe that illness first manifests in the realm of thought and feelings. Stress is an excellent example. The mind says, "I'm doing too much; I'm under pressure." This message translates into the emotional feeling of being burdened. On both levels energetic blockages form, as mind and emotions try to close up against what is perceived as a negative experience.
If the mind and emotions continue to create resistance the blockage will eventually assume physical proportions, lodging in whichever physical area is most vulnerable.
The purpose of chakra balancing is to dissolve blockages before they become physical (although it can also be helpful with physical conditions. Crystals, being symmetrical in their molecular structure, radiate energy in a consistent and steady manner. When they're used in chakra balancing they can help to re-establish a healing, creative flow.
Each chakra has a colour, and usually stones of corresponding colours are placed there. (If you are familiar with the chakras you will note that I use some modifications.

First Chakra (Feet to base of spine)
The first chakra represents our relationship with our physical bodies and with the material world. It grounds us in physical existence. When balanced, its energy helps us to blend the physical and spiritual, and to eliminate that which is no longer needed for growth. We enjoy physical existence. When unbalanced, we may be afraid of life, feel like victims, withdraw from physical reality, or operate in our own interests only. Physical symptoms can include any difficulties with feet, legs, or lower back.
Stones associated with the first chakra:
BLACK TOURMALINE: This is a protective stone when you feel threatened at the survival level.
HEMATITE: This stone helps you to set protective boundaries when you feel as if others are intruding into your private space.
Black and snowflake OBSIDIAN, help you to see what material things you no longer need for growth.
SMOKY QUARTZ, the lightest of the dark stones, helps to blend the energies of the first and seventh chakras.
TIGER'S EYE, helps you to feel secure about physical existence.
Any of these stones may be placed at the base of the spine or at the feet.

Second Chakra (just above the pelvic bone)
This chakra is most directly related to energy flow, as expressed in the flow of blood, and especially with the energies of sexuality and creativity. It is also deeply connected to the five physical senses.
When it is unblocked people feel fully alive, energetic, spontaneous, guilt-free. and in full appreciation of their bodies. When it is unbalanced reproductive organ diseases, joint stiffness, and various blood disorders may result.
Stones associated with the second chakra:
BLOODSTONE can stimulate energy.
CARNELIAN is associated with creativity and decision-making.
RED GARNET encourages patience.
RED JASPER helps to connect us to the flowing energies of the earth.
RUBY, the stone of passion, enhances sensory awareness.
RUBY IN ZOISITE is a way to benefit from ruby's energy in a grounding form.

Third Chakra (navel and solar plexus area)
this is the chakra of physical and material power, with an emphasis on mastery in the physical realm, especially the ability to manifest one's hopes and dreams. It relates to expressing one's unique individuality in the physical world.
When it is unblocked people feel self-confident, have a clear sense of purpose, and pursue dreams which others would consider impossible. Imbalances appear as lack of self-confidence, insecurity about money or other physical things, and may also express itself in terms of being aggressive or using one's power to dominate others. Physical symptoms are usually digestive.
Stones associated with the third chakra:
ARAGONITE has a calming and stabilizing effect, especially on emotions such as anger and stress.
CRITRINE is the stone most related to manifesting abundance and to the balanced use of will.
GOLDEN CALCITE helps to integrate new energies and beliefs areas related to personal empowerment, such as relationships and business.
MALACHITE releases congestion in the solar plexus, and aids creativity.
RHODOCHROSITE assists in deep breathing, thus helping to relieve anxiety and tension.
RUTILATED QUARTZ helps to add enhanced creating energy to our dreams.
PYRITE helps us to come up with creative ideas which can help bring abundance in our lives.
TIGER'S EYE helps to teach us good timing in terms of when to act on a dream.
UNAKITE helps us to understand the mental and emotional sources for it. It is also believed to help release conditions which have been inhibiting personal growth.

The Fourth Chakra (heart area)
This chakra relates to love and emotional well-being. When it is unblocked we give love unconditionally and attract to ourselves those people who give us an abundance of love. When it is blocked we feel the lack of love in our lives as keenly as those with third-chakra blockages feel a lack of material security. Heart conditions are the most common physical symptoms.
Stones associated with the fourth chakra:
AVENTURINE is the stone most related to physical health and heart balancing.
EMERALD relates most directly to the spiritual aspects of love.
GREEN CALCITE Eases old, limiting beliefs (especially those based on fear) from the mind so that new ideas can flourish.
GREEN TOURMALINE opens the creative elements of the heart, i.e., adding an emotional depth to one's creations.
LEPIDOLITE helps to calm the heart and relieves stress.
MALACHITE releases congestion in the solar plexus, and aids creativity.
Malachite-CHRYSOCOLLA blends malachite's ability with chrysocolla's gift of soothing and calming.
PINK CALCITE helps to release old and hurtful emotional patterns so that the heart can be open to receive and give unconditional love.
RHODOCHROSITE helps to relieve anxiety.
RHODONITE helps us to be patient with others.
ROSE QUARTZ is the stone for helping to create unconditional self-love.

Fifth Chakra (throat area)
This chakra governs communication and mental creativity. When it is balanced we communicate easily and effectively with others in both written and verbal form. This includes being able to constructively express anger and other emotions. When it is blocked communication is difficult to impossible, and these may be the people who say, "I'm just not creative.
In my experience there can be more physical blockages associated with the fifth chakra than with any other. These can include excessive eating and drinking (good ways to keep the throat busy while preventing communication), and a range of respiratory diseases. Teeth and gum disorders fall into this category, as well.
Stones for the fifth chakra:
ANGELITE helps us to communicate with angels and other non-physical beings, as well as aiding in long-distance communication. It also helps to dissolve anger.
AQUA AURA teaches us self-expression through service to others.
AQUAMARINE helps us to express ourselves in a tranquil way.
BLUE LACE AGATE helps to ground our communications with a sense of what can be accomplished.
BLUE TOPAZ Helps us to communicate fearlessly that which we know to be true, and also stimulates creativity.
CELESTITE helps to calm the over-active mind and teaches us how to be receptive
CHRYSOCOLLA helps one to have self-confidence in personal expression.
LARIMAR enables us to communicate with others that which we feel deeply in our hearts and souls.
TURQUOISE helps us to enrol others to help in the manifestation of our desires.

Sixth Chakra (between eyebrows)
This is the psychic centre, and, when unblocked, the source of intuition, esp., and other psychic abilities. This chakra is particularly related to the fears of cultures which wish to believe only that which they can experiences with the physical senses, and blockages abound, including fear of the imagination, of dreams, and ones irrational intuitions. Physical symptoms of blockage may include persistent headaches, insomnia, and anxiety.
Stones associated with the sixth chakra:
AMETHYST, known as nature's tranquilliser, helps in sleep and in peaceful dreams.
AZURITE helps us to consciously look at old programmed beliefs and dissolve them.
CHAROITE helps to dissolve fears, both known and unknown.
HAWK'S EYE helps us to see our lives as with aerial vision.
KYANITE reminds me that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that we are ultimately in charge, and often brings to surface beliefs we have accepted as fact.
LAPIS helps us to discover our hidden beliefs and bring them to the surface.
SODALITE helps in balance when one is emotionally or mentally confused.
MOSS AGATE helps to balance the left and right sides of the brain.
SUGILITE helps to release resentment and guilt.

Seventh Chakra (crown of the head)
The seventh chakra is our direct connection to spirit. When it is balanced we understand our relationship with the universe. We dissolve the illusion that we are separate from other humans and other forms of life. We appreciate our uniqueness and our places as parts of the whole. When it is blocked we compare ourselves to others or to internal checklists (and usually find ourselves wanting). We feel lonely, we are afraid of death. Stones associated with the seventh chakra:
CLEAR CALCITE brings spiritual understanding to problems on the earth plane.
CLEAR QUARTZ There are many forms of clear quartz. See our articles about Clusters and different kinds of Crystal Points.
DANBURITE helps us to view what happens in our lives from the soul perspective and have a feeling of calmness and serenity even when life seems very difficult.
HERKIMER DIAMOND: This form of clear quartz is especially brilliant, and has a particular ability to dissolve chakra blockages.

Chakra Balancing Meditation
Choose one or more stones for each chakra. You want to balance all of your chakras, even if you have a particular one to work on. Lie down and place each stone on the appropriate location. I like to hold a clear quartz point and rotate it over each stone, beginning at the first chakra.
Inhale deeply, and as you inhale imagine your breath coming up through the soles of your feet, and filling your body as it rises to the top of your head. As you exhale imagine it travelling back down your body and exiting through the soles of your feet.
After you've practiced this for a while you may want to visualize the colour associated with each chakra as the breath travels through the related part of the body.
If you are working on a particular chakra, you may want to create an affirmation related to it. For example, a fourth-chakra affirmation could be "I give and receive love unconditionally." Repeat the affirmation to yourself; visualize yourself flooded with the colour rose. Imagine yourself in loving situations.
You can't overdo chakra balancing, and it's a relaxing and simple way to meditate. As you continue to practice it you will find yourself more attuned to your subtle energies. You will become more aware of imbalances before they express themselves physically.


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