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Citrine, a golden-hued stone, relates to the third chakra, which deals with self-esteem, the appropriate use of personal power, and abundance.
Self-esteem, which includes trusting oneself, makes it possible for one to exercise one's personal power in a responsible way. The ability to make and act on decisions which are best for one will lead to abundance (including, but not limited to, money).
An unbalanced third chakra can show up as greed, manipulation, and other abuses of will. This chakra can be balanced by guidance from the seventh (crown) chakra, which governs our sense of interconnectedness with All That Is. As gold (relating to the sun, which shines without bias on all things) is one of the seventh chakra colours, citrine can be used to assist in this balance.

Virgo and Citrine
Sapphire, for example, is Virgo's traditional birthstone, but unlike Emerald (Taurus birthstone), this crystal isn't generally available in rough, nongem form.
Virgo is one of the more self-effacing signs of the zodiac; often its members could use more self-assertion and esteem.
In addition, Virgo rules the intestines, and it is believed that Virgos are highly prone to digestive disorders. This may mean on an emotional/spiritual level that they have trouble digesting and assimilating the events of their life and in dissolving old beliefs. Citrine can be very helpful in this processing.



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