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It seems that more kinds of physical healing have been ascribed to the emerald than to almost any other stone. During the third century A.D., it was believed to lessen eyestrain, and many gem engravers kept it on their worktable. Various cultures attributed to it the ability to heal a range of digestive troubles.
Emerald was also widely believed to offer its wearer supernatural protection. Hindu physicians claimed that it destroyed demoniacal influences; while others believed that it protected one from the attacks of venomous creatures and evil spirits.
Emeralds are seen for their beauty and for the assistance they've given us in emotional and spiritual balancing.
This is emerald's most distinctive quality. It relates to both the heart chakra, which serves (among other functions) as an area of balance between the upper and lower chakras. The heart is the area to work on when emotional balance is required, and meditating with an emerald and a rose quartz on this area can be very helpful.
As a heart stone, it relates to love, but it's a love which is less connected to personal relationships than to universal love and compassion. It's a good stone to put in front of a statue of Kwan Yin, the Chinese goddess of compassion.

Emerald and Taurus
According to crystal lore, emerald came to earth from the planet of Venus, and the sign of Taurus has traditionally been ruled by Venus (although some modern astrologers now relate Taurus to Earth).
The Taurean is often a greater lover of material existence, particularly of physical comfort and beauty, and sometimes of luxury. An emerald satisfies all requirements for beauty, and can be a very luxurious gem to own.
At the same time, the spiritual energy of emerald can help a Taurean to see beyond the world of the material, to appreciate those things of beauty which can be neither measured nor touched.




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