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Faden Quartz

Clear Quartz comes in a nearly infinite variety of forms, and each has its particular lesson to teach and assistance to offer for our spiritual journeys.
One of these is Faden Quartz. Faden is a German word meaning thread, and these crystals are characterized by the white, threadlike lines running through them. Many are also Tabular (flat), and consist of joined crystals with the line running through them. The lines indicate what is commonly called a self-healed crystal. Such crystals are formed in the midst of shifts in the earth surrounding them which cause them to break, then reheal.
People who have gone through their own healing processes, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual, are those most empowered to encourage others to heal themselves.
Self-healed crystals play a similar role. They are generally very powerful when used for healing on all levels because they contain within them the pattern of their own healing.
These crystals embody the energy of white light, and are especially useful for meditation. They are best used in conjunction with a grounding stone such as Hermatite, Black Tourmaline, or Tiger's Eye. If you work with Faden Quartz on a regular basis you may begin to feel connected to angels, especially your personal guardian angel. This effect can be enhanced by placing Angelite on the throat chakra.
Healing usually involves release of energy blockages, and I feel this is the case with faden quartz. This release can often be emotional in nature, and you may find it helpful to focus on the energies of frog, the animal who summons the healing energies of both rain and tears.
Allow yourself whatever emotions arise in your own healing process. Be grateful for tears if they come. They are part of your own renewal.




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