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Its appearance is beautiful and unusual, naturally forming in very flat blades made up of very thin mica-like layers. It predominantly occurs in a medium blue colour with white streaks, although it can be green, yellow, and other colours, and it's often translucent. and always shiny.
According to the chakra system of colours, Kyanite should be placed either on the throat area or on the third eye (between and slightly above the other two).
Overall, its energy to be very calming mentally. It reminds us that everything which happens is for a purpose, and that we are ultimately in charge. In the course of these gentle reminders it often brings to surface beliefs which we have accepted as fact.
This stone never needs to be cleaned or cleared, i.e., it doesn't retain negative vibrations.
It's helpful in chakra balance, in dispelling anger and frustration, (thus encouraging one to persevere in difficult tasks), and - confirming one's own experiences - that it helps to facilitate mental clarity and dissolves confusions arising from emotional, intellectual, and spiritual issues.
If you have difficulty in meditating, Kyanite is one of the best stones to use. Its ability to quiet the mind is virtually unequalled.




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