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Traditionally, one of the purposes of the fifth or throat chakra is to blend the fourth (heart) chakra emotions with the mental processes of the sixth (third-eye) chakra through communication.
Each of the crystals associated with this energy centre -- Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Blue Lace Agate, Aquamarine, Amazonite -- focuses on a particular aspect of the ability to communicate what we feel. Larimar, helps one to communicate from the soul.
This sky/sea blue stone is streaked with white, suggesting clouds (or foam).
Water and air are the most changeable of physical elements, and the energy of Larimar is a flowing kind which invites us to change and grow. As important as our inner, private growth is, there comes a time when we want to communicate who we are to others.
Larimar is of volcanic origin, and when placed at the solar plexus, its cool and calming colour helps to teach us how to transmute anger into a more peaceful expression of feelings.
One special gift of Larimar is to deepen communication with a spirit of tranquillity.
Thus, when placed on the forehead, it helps to promote the flowing expression of creative ideas. Because it has grounding qualities it can also help in the translation of these ideas into physical reality.
It is grounding in another way, telling us that life, like the skies and seas, may often appear changing and impermanent, beneath this chaos lies the peace of the eternal soul.




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