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If you live in a city or large town this stone is useful for its abilities to help alleviate the stresses of city living and the pace of life in these places.
It is also valuable in helping one to feel stable and grounded in the course of other stressful experiences, such as that of going through transitions.
It helps people to reorganize their old ways of thinking and acting so that they can meet the challenge of change.
Much of our resistance to change becomes lodged in the body, and one way to use lepidolite for aiding in transitions is to place it on different areas of the body in order to release energy blockages and tension.
Lepidolite is itself a transition stone in that its colour, a pinkish-lavender, relates to both the heart and third-eye chakras.
Thus, in a situation in which one's reasoning mind and one's emotions are in conflict, it could be helpful to meditate with Lepidolite on both the heart and third-eye, and to pass a Quartz crystal from one point to the other.




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