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All qualities related to the moon-- sensitivity, intuition, and clairvoyance -- are also connected to Moonstone. Even its appearance is subtle. It's not a brilliant stone; all specimens, from the peach and grey hues to the gem-quality blue and rainbow-coloured pieces, cast a light which is soft and translucent.
The physical appearance of a stone often suggests its spiritual qualities, and Moonstone's foremost attribute is the ability to assist us in calming and soothing the emotions. When one has achieved a state of emotional calmness, this stone may be used to open people to an intuitive understanding of spirituality.
An important aspect of this understanding is the acceptance and appreciation of the nature of change in physical existence -- just as the moon itself undergoes constant change.
Though wearing Moonstone as a ring is often recommended, it is equally effective in other forms of jewellery. If you want to use it as part of a meditation you can either sit and hold it in your receptive (non-dominant) hand, or, if lying down, place it on the heart, solar plexus or third eye (between the other two).

Moonstone and Cancer
This is one of the closest astro-gemological relationships. Cancer is ruled by the moon, and Cancerians, whether male or female, are often nurturing and emotional individuals. Moonstone can help them when caring becomes over concern for their loved ones.




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