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Moss Agate

Moss Agate is one of the more modest members of the crystal world. It lacks the glitter of Lapis Lazuli, the radiance of Clear Quartz, or the chatoyance of Tiger's Eye, a flashier representative of the agate family. However, if you examine a Moss Agate closely (and especially if you hold it up to the light) you may discover a world within it.
This stone is characteristically white or clear with an internal pattern of black, grey, brown, red, or green. The green is ine of the most beautiful. Its interior resembles a delicate and beautiful plant, or when the imagination is fully active, a forest.
Because of these markings, this stone has traditionally been considered to have a special relationship with nature. Traditionally, it's been considered a good stone for people involved in botany or agriculture, and many people feel that it can be used to establish a connection with nature spirits.
Its markings have another significance. It can be used to correct imbalances and conflicts between the left brain (the logical, rational side) and the right brain (related to intuition and seeing the unity of things or ideas). It can help highly methodical people to let go of some of their restrictions and assists highly creative people to manifest their visions in practical ways.




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