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Because inexperienced prospectors have mistaken Pyrite for gold, it is often nicknamed, "fool's gold." Those who work with it, though, find that it yields its own treasures.
One of Pyrite's characteristics is its reflective qualities, an attribute it shares with Hematite. As Hematite was used as a mirror by the ancient Greeks so in ancient Mexico Pyrite was used for this purpose. Hematite's reflectiveness is considered to protect the person who carries it, wears it, or meditates with it from the negativity of others, and Pyrite is also often assigned that quality.
Pyrite forms in clusters of cubical formations. Although the shape of each cube is precise, they are scattered randomly throughout the cluster, helping to create Pyrite's unique beauty.
These geological qualities also indicate its most valuable properties. By combining precision and randomness, pyrite helps us to blend our creative and intuitive abilities with the powers of logic and reason.
It is generally considered to be a stone which can spark creative thinking and open one to new ideas. Such ideas are characterized by not only being innovative but possible to realize.
Because its colour is gold. it is often related to abundance; its relationship to this lies in its ability to stimulate ideas which, if fulfilled, can lead to abundance.
Although its glitter deceived many prospectors, the more experienced miners knew that where Pyrite was found a little more searching could yield gold.




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