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If you have more than one quartz point, you know that no two are identical. They do have a general similarity, though, in that all have six sides which terminate in a point which has six faces.
Within this general description there are different kinds of quartz crystals--or possible combinations, as more than one quality can be incorporated into one crystal.

Tabular Crystal

A tabular crystal is flat in appearance, with two opposing sides being much wider than the other four. (They are sometimes also double-terminated). Their ability is that of connection and balance.
In a crystal layout they can be used to blend energies between two chakras. For example, if you feel something deeply but can't seem to express it you might place a tabular crystal between the heart and throat chakras.
They can also be used to balance energies between two people, if those people are willing to sit facing each other with a tabular quartz between them and make an honest effort to resolve their differences.
When you are leaving one stage of your life and apprehensive about taking the steps which will lead you to a new phase, tabular crystals can act as bridges. Keep one with you, meditate with it, and program it for a smooth transition.

Double Terminated Crystal

A double-terminated crystal has a point at each end. They can be used as tools for balancing energy in the way that tabulars are, and they have some additional meanings and functions.
Double-terminated crystals have grown, not out of a rock surface, but in clay, which allows them to form two points. These points are generally believed to symbolize the balance of spirit and matter, to teach us that we can be balanced in our expression of both qualities, and that all opposites or seeming conflicts can meet in the centre.

Channelling Crystal

A channelling crystal has at least one face with seven sides and one with three sides. The number seven represents intuition and spiritual connection; while three represents the grounding of this connection (much as a pyramid grounds spiritual energy), and the ability to express it.
The subject of channelling itself is one too large for this particular page, and the purpose of channelling crystals is not principally to help us communicate wisdom from non-physical beings. It is, rather, to help us awaken and access our own intuitive knowledge.
Channellers can be very helpful when you have a problem which you don't seem to be able to solve through usual reasoning patterns. Sit or lie down and hold a channelling crystal. It can be helpful to place it on the third eye chakra or to join the index fingers and thumbs of each hand around the termination of the crystal. Be open to whatever impressions you receive. Sometimes they don't make sense right away, but do later on. You may also want to sleep with a channelling crystal beneath your pillow.

Dow Crystal

Katrina Raphaell, author of three books about crystals, named the Dow Crystal in honour of Jane Anne Dow. The crystal itself is a variation of a channelling crystal.
A channelled has at least one face with seven sides and one with three sides. The number seven represents intuition and spiritual connection; while three represents the grounding of this connection (much as a pyramid grounds spiritual energy), and the ability to express it.
While it is possible for one to channel a non-physical entity after practice with this crystals, that need not be the goal. It can also help us awaken and access our own intuitive knowledge, especially when we have a problem we can't solve through usual reasoning patterns.
In a Dow crystal the termination has three seven-sided faces and three triangles. This means that the energies described above are perfectly balanced.
This energy serves to remind us that we are already perfect. So many philosophies devised by humans seem designed only to tell us we're flawed, inadequate, in need of major repair. When we believe this, we cut ourselves off from our soul essence, which is pure love, and disallow what can return us to wholeness.
When we're aware of a particular chakra being out of balance, we can place the Dow crystal there. For example, if you feel lacking in self-esteem, put the Dow on the navel/solar plexus area. You may wish to surround it with four citrines or a combination of Citrine and Tigers Eye.
Dow crystals can also help us to view the suffering of others from the soul perspective. In this state we experience compassion and are able to shift our attention from the misery of others and create and hold an image of them appreciating their own soul essence. (This is especially helpful if you combine it with Hematite.

Window Crystal

Many crystals have diamond shapes on the termination. A window crystal is distinct in that the diamond is large enough to be considered a seventh face to the point (terminations usually have six faces).
Based on the role this crystal plays in transformation, it might be more accurate to call it a mirror crystal. Its function seems to be primarily reflective. There are different interpretations of exactly what it reflects. Some teachers say it reflects all of a person, both the light and shadow. You'll see whatever you're ready to see.
Others say that in meditation with this crystal you'll see beyond your own illusory identities to the essence of your being. Many people believe they must see the negative in detail and depth before they can reach for the positive. Others believe that reaching for and absorbing one's positive essence is what helps the hold of the negative to dissolve.
Whatever you choose to see in meditation with a window crystal, there are several methods for working with it.
One is to gaze into it, as one would with a crystal ball. When you do this, allow your physical surroundings to fade into the background, along with distracting thoughts. You may find it helpful to focus on a particular aspect of being or a question.
You can also, to physically eliminate visual distractions, close your eyes and place a window crystal against the third eye (between and slightly above the other two), with the window face pressed against the forehead. You can either ask questions or simply be open to whatever impressions come.
As in all focused work with individual crystals, practice is essential.

Record Keeper Crystal

In considering this crystal, we go into a mysterious and magical aspect of crystal lore. Record keepers are believed to come from Atlantis and Lemuria, programmed before the demise of these two ancient civilizations with vital information for future generations. They were then placed deep in the earth. Some people believe that record keepers can also manifest out of the air.
You may already have a record keeper. Their identifying mark is a triangle (or more than one) on one of the faces of a quartz crystal. (Record keepers may also be Amethyst, Smokey Quartz, or Citrine.) Sometimes it's necessary to put the crystal beneath a strong light, as the triangles may be very small. You will not only see this triangle, you will also be able to feel its indentation.

If you want to work with a record keeper, one important prerequisite is the ability to be open to information you may find fantastic in terms of ordinary life or what you believe to be true. Be prepared to believe the unbelievable. Be prepared to receive this information with your heart and intuition. Also be open to find ways you can incorporate the information you receive into your life. It may confirm inklings you've had about ways you want to change your direction; it may confirm a path you're already taking. Partnering with a record keeper may be one of the most powerful experiences you can have with a crystal. Be prepared.





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