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Rutilated Quartz

One of the special wonders of the chakra colour system is that gold, the colour for the third chakra, is also one of the colours for the crown chakra (white, and in many systems, purple, is the other).
The third chakra relates to will (and when out of balance, to either the over- or under-use of will), and the crown chakra is our connection to the infinite, that state of being in which we simultaneously experience our uniqueness and the oneness of which our individual expression is a vital component.
Rutilated quartz, a clear or smoky crystal shot through with small golden needles of the mineral rutile, makes a special connection between these two chakras.
It has a high energy charge, which is particularly effective in releasing energy blockages. Thus, it can help to rebalance blockages due to low self-esteem or to the excessive use of personal power. (These conditions are often connected).
In chakra layouts it can be placed near the navel and around any area where the energy feels sluggish. It is a good stone to place next to malachite on the solar plexus area. Malachite can help to surface, but not to dissolve, emotions which need to be released. Rutilated quartz, like all quartz, has the ability to help dissolve any energy congestion.
Smoky Quartz is one of the primary stones to use for manifesting one's dreams, and when it is rutilated its energy multiplies. This is an excellent stone to program for your goals.
It is especially effective for those who want, through the realization of their personal dreams, to make a difference in the world. The crown-third chakra connection helps one to consciously focus on the spiritual implications of their goals. This connection can be deepened by placing rutilated quartz at the crown chakra.
This stone has another virtue; it is very beautiful. Pick one up and hold it up in the light. You may become mesmerized by the spider web of gold inside it. If you do, remember that in Native American tradition Spider is the Weaver of the World, a symbol of our own ability to weave the worlds of our dreams.




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