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Many crystal practitioners and teachers feel that stones which have been recently discovered have special lessons to teach us. Sugilite is surely one of these stones.
Those of you with babies or very young children in your lives will have noticed how spontaneous and fluid both their bodies and minds are. Their energy and ability to learn is so great that we can hardly believe that we were once that way. We may not realize that it's not so much physical deterioration as the mental clutter of countless acquired beliefs which tell us what we can't do which has made us so unchildlike.
Our bodies are very much affected by what our minds tell us. If, for example, our minds tells us that someone is a pain in the neck, we may find ourselves with that physical condition. If our minds tell us that something is unbearable, we may begin to feel overwhelmed, overburdened, exhausted, finding it difficult to stay alert and awake.
The mental/emotional messages which we've programmed into consciousness can have even more serious effects. If we habitually react to given situations with resentment, anger, fear, guilt, or insecurity, our bodies can also be programmed into habitual states of physical imbalance and energy blockages.
This is particularly true of people who are very sensitive to the negative energies of others. In an attempt to block these energies, they may find themselves blocking the flow of healing energy that would help them to rebalance themselves.
Sugilite (also known as luvulite and royal lazel), an opaque purple-to-magenta stone, relates to the discovery and release of the beliefs which inhibit spontaneous mental and physical health.
Sugilite helps us to see the beliefs that can create emotional limitation and physical imbalance, and helps to break up those beliefs on the mental plane, thus stopping them from continuing to send limiting messages to the body.
Sugilite alone cannot do the needed mental housecleaning. Our conscious awareness is also needed.
Sugilite won't do the whole job, but it's a wonderful initiator. For those who want to understand and release some of the stuff rattling about in their heads it's an invaluable stone.




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