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Types of Materials

Various types of materials have different effects on the movement of Chi in a room. Some materials speed up and some calm, while others help to maintain a consistent flow. It is also important to note that in general hard, polished surfaces tend to speed up Chi, while soft surfaces slow it down.

Materials that slow Chi down are more Yin, while materials that speed up Chi are more Yang. Different materials can help to balance the two out.

The following is a chart outlining the general characteristics of different types of materials.


It is said that wood has a neutral effect on Chi. However, like the general rule, hard-polished woods tend to speed up energy, while the softer unpolished woods slow it down. Wood creates a calming atmosphere but at the same time is also invigorating.


Natural fibres include straw, bamboo, wicker and other various plants. All of these materials, whether they be used for furniture, rugs, etc. all help to slow down the flow of chi.


Glass is a great material used for speeding up Chi energy. This is especially effective when used in large panes.


Like glass, metal is a good remedy for revitalizing a stagnant area. Whatever the type of metal and whatever the shape or form, it is good for speeding up Chi Energy.


The use of fabrics are good for creating relaxing atmospheres, however their over use can slow Chi energy down too much and create a suffocating feeling. Natural fibres (ie cotton, wool, silk, etc.) are the best. Synthetic materials tend to have negative effects.


Depending on their finishing, ceramics can have varying effects. Glazed ceramics (ie smooth tiles or pottery) speed up Chi, while more natural feeling, unglazed ceramics slow down Chi.


Stone works to stimulate and speed up Chi. Areas with a lack of sunlight or stagnant Chi would benefit from the use of stone, such as stone floors. Smooth, polished stone speeds up Chi energy, where as softer, rougher stone scatters Chi.


Plastics and other synthetic materials have a negatively desired effect by blocking Chi energy.


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