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The enrichments can come into play only when all obstacles have been removed to clear up the path of Chi, or when none were present. They ensure that the energy continues to flow smoothly, thus permanently enriching the inhabitants lives. Their role when using symbols, is to give strong visual commands to our subconscious mind, while activating the movement of Chi in a particular Bagua area.

In Feng Shui, there are two sorts of cures, "mundane" and "transcendental". Those cures have different purposes, starting from countering the pernicious effects of "poison arrows", to capturing, generating, or anchoring the benevolent Chi. Each of these is important and portends powerful remedies for most environmental ailments. Mundane cures are those that seem logical, familiar and based on plain common sense, making them easily understandable for everyone. Transcendental cures, on the other hand, are mysterious, and do not seem to follow any logic. They can appear very incongruous to many people, especially to Westerners, educated to accept only tangible and scientifically proven data. For instance, a typical transcendental cure to remedy the problem of money being flushed away, would be to place a plant near a toilet. The plant would symbolically absorb the water (symbol of money) and grow strong and healthy, instead of letting the precious substance that the water represents disappear away, thus, bringing along financial troubles.

They are used to deflect threatening energy (convex or Bagua mirrors), to facilitate the flow of Chi, to expand the space in cramped rooms, to bring light into dark corners, to draw in Chi from the outside, to open up a "missing" Bagua section (in this case, the bigger the mirror, the better), to provide security to anyone whose back is to an entrance (a small mirror facing the door will tell who is coming), as well as to transfer energy by sending it upward (in that case a convex mirror, which looks like a dome) when something big and heavy is looming over a house or apartment. Victorian mirrored garden balls, placed in dark corners, are used to lift up and activate the Chi.

Mirrors should always be made of one uninterrupted piece. Never use a mirror that distorts your image. Cloudy, antique mirrors are best left in museums. Discard any broken mirrors. Do not lean mirrors against walls, but hang them. Mirrors should never cut off a persons head. Hang them high enough to reflect the entire head of the tallest person around. Mirrors should be framed or beveled. If you break a mirror, dont panic! Just wrap the broken pieces into a piece of pretty material and bury them.


They have the property to improve, activate and balance the flow of Chi, to absorb, purify and disperse negative energy, and to lift up sluggish Chi. A crystal will draw energy into a windowless room or storage area, enhance or activate any Bagua sector, and joyously reflect the light when placed in front of a window (but beware that they can be fire-provoking). It is best to choose round-faceted crystals, or crystals that are symmetrically shaped, like octagons, hearts, teardrops, almonds, etc. The rounded man-made prisms, usually from Czech- Slovakia or Austria, are prevalent in Feng Shui, and are traditionally hung on a 9" red string, or any multiples of nine (18", 27", etc.). The clearer the crystal, the better. A crystal chandelier is often hung in the foyer to disperse any negative energy that may be entering a dwelling. A round-faceted crystal hung above a cash register is said to considerably enhance business profits! Place a crystal in your car to ensure protection (yours, your passengers, as well as that of the engine, and the body of the car). To clean your crystals, you can either smudge them with sage, incense, etc., or soak them in salt water (three tablespoons of salt to one cup of water) in a glass container, then let them dry naturally under sunlight. You can also cleanse your crystals in flowing spring water.

Symbolizes wealth and good fortune and is a key element in Feng Shui for its capacity to creates an abundance of nurturing Chi. The movement of water is said to attract wealth like a magnet !
Water should never be seen flowing away from a site or toward the exit of a home (meaning that money is flowing away from you!). Viewing water brings good luck, but fast moving water in straight banks or raging torrents is not considered beneficial. Ideally, water should meander gently and move slowly. Water should never be left to become stagnant, as dirty water brings bad luck. A strategically placed fountain can slow down and divert straight, oncoming negative (Sha) energy. Swimming pools and ponds should be round, octagonal, or bean- shaped, in that case, embracing the house. If there is a waterfall, the flow should be directed toward the house. Aquariums are great Chi purveyors, and their presence in homes or businesses attracts good fortune and draws in money. They should contain an odd number of fish, the most auspicious number being nine, when the fish tank is large enough to comfortably accommodate them (traditionally, eight red and one black). The tank must obviously be well-taken care of, and if a fish dies, it is the custom to replace it as soon as possible.

Electrical, oil, gas, natural day light, candles, any kind of light in Feng Shui symbolizes the Sun. Light is used to stimulate stagnant energy, to uplift Chi in lifeless and dull areas, and above all, to keep Chi alive. It can also symbolically recreate a "missing" area from the Bagua, help lift a sunken room or one that has a low ceiling (floor lamps, bucket lamps, torchier lamps, spots lamps, wall sconces, etc.), which are all lighting features that send the light up to the ceiling. Full spectrum lights are preferred over the fluorescent kind as they give a warm feeling of natural sun light. Burned out light bulbs should be replaced immediately. Light should be bright but not cause glare. Light features placed at different heights in and around a space are strongly recommended over a single ceiling light, glooming down from above. Place a lamp on your desk and have it on at all times when working. A tiny increase in your power bill will be worth the trouble, as you will gain so much more by creating and nurturing an ample supply of Chi in your home or business.

Trees, plants and flowers
Symbolize both nature and growth, and are used extensively in Feng Shui. They will help you bring in a very auspicious energy, enhance or correct a Bagua sector, enliven your business, dispense a radiant Chi flow in your home and business, guide Chi from room to room, slow down and disperse fast-moving energy coming your way, activate sluggish Chi in recessed corners, shield protruding corners, absorb noise, and provide protection to your home. Evergreens are a symbol of longevity in China and are regarded as being especially auspicious. Trees should not be planted too close to a house, blocking out the natural sun light, and never in direct line with the front door. Avoid creeping plants on walls. Willow trees are excellent arthritis healers, but if you do not suffer from it, avoid planting them on your property, for they are also reminders of pain. Trees and bushes should not be planted in straight rows. Curved or undulating pathways are ideal. Plants with spiky or pointed leaves are not recommended unless placed in recessed areas where they cannot "bite" anyone passing by. Plants with rounded leaves, reminders of coins, therefore money, are considered the most auspicious. A healthy growth of trees, plants, and flowers, means there is good energy flowing through and around a dwelling. Dead or dying trees, plants, and flowers must be removed at once, or else they will drain the Chi and produce negative (Sha) energy. Silk plants and flowers can be successful substitutes as long as they look "fresh and alive". Dried or plastic flowers are not recommended.

Plants as protectors
When leaving a house that will stay uninhabited for a longer period of time than usual, position a large cactus plant on each side of the front door and on window sills. These are said to be powerful protectors from burglars. This remedy must be removed as soon as the house is occupied again, by moving the cactus back to their recessed habitat.
And remember to plant several trees for posterity!


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