Life Path Number # 5

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The key to your personality is freedom. You love travel, adventure, variety and meeting new people. You posses the curiosity of a cat, and you long to experience all of life. You love to be involved in several things at the same time, as long as you are not tied down to any one area.
You like change, new things and new horizons. You can make friends easily, and your personality is upbeat and often inspiring, attracting people form all walks of life.

You have a way with words, and an uncanny ability to motivate others. Highly suitable vocations for you include sales, promotion, entertainment, investment, science, medicine, the occult, public service an all careers that require travel and verbal skills. A person with 5 Path is often comfortable in front of an audience particularly as master of ceremonies or in comedy.
You are sensual and you love to taste all of life. You find it difficult to commit to one relationship, but once you committed, you can be faithful as an old dog.

You likely lack discipline and order. You can also be impulsive, doing or expressing things you regret later. Freedom and a need for adventures sometimes are not properly controlled by those born with this path, which can cause problems with drug abuse, overindulgence in food or sex, or general abuse of the gift of life. You are multitalented and posses a variety of diverse abilities. However, discipline and focus are the true keys to your success. Without these, many of the tasks you begin will remain unfinished and they will fail to realize the true fruits of your abilities. With hard work and perseverance, the sky is the limit.

You may have been perceived as a wild child by adults and a source of concern by your family. However, do not be obliged to hurry your choice of career. You are often a late bloomer, and you need to experience life before you can truly know and commit to your heart's desire.
Your challenge is to learn the true meaning of freedom. Change is constant in your world, requiring adaptability and courage. Try to maintain an exercise program, keep your body in shape and limber. The flexibility and durability of your body will promote security and confidence within you.

You yearn for freedom, and self-employment attracts you powerfully. Your challenge is to settle into one area in order to cultivate your ability sufficiently to earn a living and to attain success. Once you find the niche, the motivation and inspiration you supply to others will bring you much in return. You will find your friends and colleges supporting and promoting you in the road of success.


Positive Traits: Freedom, Enthusiasm, Clever, Sensual, Adventurous, Prolific
Negative Traits: Rash, Impulsive, Trite, Undirected, Dull


General Description:
5 is the number of change, opportunity, chance and adventure. Where a 5 appears in a person's chart there will be risk. 5, representing the 5 senses, usually denotes sensuality taken to its limits as well. Wherever a 5 appears in a chart expect change, the expression of free will and the exploration of the physical world.


Tarot: Hierophant
Astrology: Mercury, Venus, Taurus, Leo
Rune: Raidho
I Ching: #15 Ch'ien
Tree of Life: Geburah, Severity (Power)
Hebrew Letter: He', Nun
Shamanism: Bull Elephant
Element: Air, Fire
Alchemy: Earth/Man
Aura: Earth tones
Colour: Turquoise
Gemstones: Turquoise, Aquamarine
Crystals: Muscovite, Hornblende
Month: May
Week Day: Tuesday
Lucky Numbers: 1, 3, 7, 9, 14, 23, 32, 41, 50, 59, 68, 77, 86, 95, 104
Flora: Carnation, Gardenia, Primrose







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