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How to calculate your Soul Urge Number

There is living and then there is feeling alive!

Calculating your soul number can help you get back in touch with what really moves you in your life, your reason for being and what gives you true fulfillment.

If you are depressed or seem to be going in the wrong direction in life, the calculation of the soul number can remind you what puts a lift in your step and the sparkle back in your eyes.

Your Soul Number, which defines your very essence or heart's desire, is calculated using the vowels in the name that appeared on your birth certificate.

First of all, eliminate all the consonants from your birth name by adding together the numerical equivalents displayed on the chart below.

A 1
E 5
I 9
O 6
U 3

To give an example we will use the name ANNE MARY WILLIAMS

After we eliminate all the consonants from her name we end up with:

A E ... A ... I I A

We then would refer to the above chart and add the numerical
equivilents of the vowels in her name togther as in:

1 + 5 ... 1 ... 9 + 9 + 1 = 26

Adding 2 + 6 gives us a soul Urge Number of 8

All double digits (except the master numbers 11 and 22
which are symbolic entities in themselves) are then reduced
to a single number by adding them together.

This person would have a Soul Urge Number of 8

Now you know what your Soul Urge Number is, Click on the Soul Urge Number link below that is your number

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