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The Pendulum is a divination tool made of a piece of string and a weight. The weight can be almost anything: a metal washer, a gold or silver ring, even a paper clip.

Pendulum divination has survived through the centuries. The two most common pendulum models involve either the suspension of a ring from a thin silk thread, or the suspension of a crystal from a chain.

First, get a feel for your pendulum, carry it with you for a couple of days, keeping it in a velvet or silk cloth. ( I carry mine in my pocket if I know I am going to use it in the next few days).It will tune into your energy. Then you would be able to test its power. Hold the chain between the thumb and forefinger and let the pendulum hang down, it should not touch anything or anyone though. But make sure your hand and arm are completely still. Wait until the crystal or ring has stopped swinging at the end of the chain before you begin.

Ask a question to which you KNOW THE ANSWER IS YES. The crystal should begin to move either side to side, back and forth or clockwise or anticlockwise etc. Whatever pattern the movement follows, make a note that this would always be your 'yes' answer. (You can verify by repeating the question, to make sure). Follow the same steps, this time asking a question to which you know the answer is NO. Again, note the movements and this should always be your own 'no' answer.( I always ask it to give me a YES and then to give me a No before I start anyway). Then you can start asking questions that you don't have an answer to.

The ancient Romans and the French seer Nostradamus were renowned for using the pendulum. Both used a different method from the one we use today. They used a method of basin scrying by means of a pendulum to produce letters that formed prophetic verses. The bowl or basin used was made of electrum, an alloy of gold and silver. A ring with occult characters engraved upon it was attached by thread to a wand. The twenty-four letters of the Greek alphabet were engraved into the flange of the basin. The table used was probably a tripod in which to support the basin. It was made out of branches of laurel and had three legs.

If you're using a ring suspended from either a silver chain or a silk thread, you should also use a goblet of water. The answers to your yes/no questions come in the form of the tapping sounds of the ring inside the glass. A single tap indicates a yes while two taps indicate a no. More than two taps indicates the spirit is not certain of the response.

Another method involves using a sheet of paper with a cross marked upon it. The ring is held suspended over the cross in the left hand upon a silk thread. If the answer to the question asked is yes it will swing back and forth along the vertical arm of the cross. If the answer is no it will swing side to side along the horizontal arm of the cross.

Once you become familiar with the use of the Pendulum, you can also use it to find lost articles or to dowse for water or treasure.

There is a party trick I do which always works and that is to use two coins of different metals and test them first with the pendulum to see which way it goes, then ask someone to put the coins in their hands and hold out their clasped hands after moving the coins behind their back, I then hold the pendulum above one hand at a time then tell them which coin is which, love to see their faces when they open their hands.

Another use for a Pendulum

There are many applications on the internet for supposedly checking your Chakras or you could go to someone to find out if your chakras are out of balance, but there is a far easier way you can do yourself.

All you need is a pendulum or a weight on a string.

Hold the string or chain between the thumb and forefinger and let the pendulum hang down, it should not touch anything or anyone though. But make sure your hand and arm are completely still. Wait until the crystal or ring has stopped swinging at the end of the chain before you begin.

Now place the pendulum directly in front of your first chakra at the crown, this is at the top of the head, follow the instructions above so the pendulum is still then let it free.
It should rotate in one direction or the other, make a metal note whether it’s clockwise or anti clockwise.

Repeat for the next chakra at the brow the third eye chakra, this should rotate the opposite way.

And again at the Throat chakra, again this should rotate opposite to the last one.

Do all you charka points down to the base chakra and each if correctly aligned will rotate in opposite direction with each one tested, a bit like cogs or gears in a clock.

If they don’t then your chakras are out of alignment, this can make you feel anything from tired to ill, visit you local healer and tell them your charkas need realigning or maybe even try to do it yourself.

There is a lot of information on the internet how to do this or visit my crystal healing page for more information

If your not sure where all your main chakras points are, ther is a picture on the website at

One of the best books on the subject and covers all the above and more is
"Pendulum Dowsing: A simple technique to help you make decisions, find lost objects and channel healing energies"

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