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There are many realities that exist beyond third dimension. To find them one must come raise their conscious awareness - heal their issues - which allows them to come into balance on all levels of awareness - thus releasing the emotional grip of the physical realms or third dimension.

To reach Shambhala is to move one's frequency past that of third dimension - and into faster moving frequency called higher light where one no longer needs a physical body to experience.

Human history has always had its gods and goddess who created reality and went on to guide its evolution from higher places of reality in the 'sky'.
In our reality - we look for answers with higher spiritual entities called master teachers. These ascended masters supposedly live in realities of higher frequency of light. Shambhala is the name given to one of these places.

Different cultures and spaces in history have legends about the place of their gods and teachers - such as Mount Olympus in ancient Greek mythology.
In our reality - we see our teachers from above as either spiritual masters or aliens. Recorded history has shown visitations in strange ships - we often call UFO'S or Vimanas - in all ancient civilizations. they are supposedly our creators. Many feel they will return one day as all prophecies show that it is a time of spiritual change in which consciousness returns to its former state of enlightenment.

Shambhala is generally linked with teachers from the ancient city of Tibet a place of great spiritual learning. It is from this land that many in human form have supposed ascended to the realms of the great teachers of wisdom and sacred knowledge where one can go - if only in meditation - to come away with knowledge of the higher realms and the nature of our reality.
Our souls, in the 21st century - are questors - seekers of truths. We sense great spiritual transformation on the planet know and meditate for that knowledge.
Much of it come from creating balance within one's soul. To create harmony within the Subtle Bodies of human experience - is to find Shambhala - a paradise, if you will.
On the way to enlightenment, Shambhalans acquire such powers a Clairvoyance, - Biolocation, the ability to move at great speeds - and the ability to materialize and disappear at will - Telekinesis - and the union of the soul with the Oneness of universe.
This all goes to studies of Sacred Geometry - and the creational of our reality with a sacred blueprint that repeats in loops we call physical time.

Shambhala, known as the 'Hidden Kingdom' is thought of in Tibet as a community where perfect and semi perfect beings live and are guiding the evolution of humankind. It is considered to be the source of the Kalachakra, [as in wheels or Chakras of energy] which is the highest and most esoteric branch of Tibetan mysticism.
Shambhala is a magical land which is shaped like an eight-petalled lotus flower. It has been ruled by priest-kings for many thousands of years; in fact, the legend of Shambhala predates the introduction of Buddhism into Tibet. In the aboriginal Bon religion, Shambhala is known as Olmolungrung, and is based on the square instead of the circle.
Shambhala forms a gateway between the physical and spiritual realms. It is endowed with riches, and is ideally suited for the habitat of enlightened souls. They are not attached to the fruits of karma, and are but one step from Buddhahood. This is the realm to be sought for rebirth if one desires the swiftest path to Nirvana.

Many western explorers, hearing tales of a Golden City of Shambhala, sought to find it in the frozen wastes of northern Tibet. This resulted in the present-day term "Shangri-la," which, like El Dorado, signifies an unattainable goal. This is an unfortunate misunderstanding, for ultimately Shambhala is a place accessible to anyone, if only one can be free of karmic attachments.

Tibetan religious texts describe the physical makeup of the hidden land in detail. It is thought to look like and eight-petaled lotus blossom because it is made up of eight regions, each surrounded by a ring of mountains.
In the centre of the innermost ring lies Kalapa, the capital, and the king's palace, which is composed of gold, diamonds, coral, and precious gems. The capital is surrounded by mountains made of ice, which shine with a crystalline light.
The technology of Shambhala is supposed to be highly advanced; the palace contains special 'skylights' made of lenses which serve as high-powered telescopes to study extraterrestrial life, and for hundreds of years Shambhala's inhabitants have been using aircraft and cars that shuttle through a network of underground tunnels.

Strange sightings in the area where Shambhala is thought to be seem to provide evidence of its existence. Tibetans believe that the land is guarded by beings with superhuman powers. In the early 1900s an article in an Indian newspaper, the Statesman, told of a British major who, camping in the Himalayas, saw a very tall, lightly clad man with long hair.
Apparently, noticing that he was being watched, the man leaped down the vertical slope and disappeared. To the major's astonishment, the Tibetans with whom he was camping showed no surprise at his story; they calmly explained that he had seen one of the snowmen who guard the sacred land.

A more detailed account of these snowmen guardians was given by Alexandra David-Neel, an explorer who spent 14 years in Tibet. While travelling through the Himalayas she saw a man moving with extraordinary speed and described him as follows: "I could clearly see his perfectly calm impassive face and wide-open eyes with their gaze fixed on some invisible distant object situated somewhere high up in space. The man did not run. He seemed to lift himself from the ground, proceeding by leaps. It looked as if he had been endowed with the elasticity of a ball, and rebounded each time his feet touched the ground. His steps had the regularity of a pendulum."

While people - especially Tibetan lamas - have been searching for Shambhala for centuries, those who seek the kingdom often never return, either because they have found the hidden country and have remained there.
Tibetan texts containing what appear to be historical facts about Shambhala, such as the names and dates of its kings and records of corresponding events occurring in the outside world, give Tibetans additional reason for believing that the kingdom exists.
Recent events that seem to correspond to the predictions of the mythic kingdom add strength to their belief. The disintegration of Buddhism in Tibet and the growth of materialism throughout the world, coupled with the wars and turmoil of the 21st century, all fit in with the prophecy of Shambhala.

Shambhala is the place where King Sucandra, having come from the north of Kashmir, brought and developed the practice of Kalachakra, after he had received its empowerment and teachings at Dhanyakataka.

The prophecy of ShambPutucusiala states that each of its kings will rule for 100 years. There will be 32 in all, and as their reigns pass, conditions in the outside world will deteriorate. Men will become more warlike and pursue power for its own sake, and an ideology of materialism will spread over the Earth. When the Barbarians who follow this ideology are united under an evil king and think there is nothing left to conquer, the mists will lift to reveal the icy mountains of Shambhala. The Barbarians will attack Shambhala with a huge army equipped with terrible weapons. Then the 32nd king of Shambhala, Rudra Cakrin, will lead a mighty host against the invaders. In a last great battle, the evil king and his followers will be Shambhala.


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