Stonehenge Trip 2005

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Starting out about 10:00am, and after a brief stop at Reading services, we made our way to Silbury Hill, and the site of West Kennet Long Barrow.
Unfortunately access to Silbury Hill is restricted so couldn't get too close, but after a short 10 minute walk we reached the Barrow, in the distance I also realised we were in the land of crop circles, as from the top of the Barrow we could see one clearly in the distance



Our next stop was the village of Avebury and the enormous stone circles around the village, now this surprised me the sheer scale of it, I haven't been here before so was a wonderful site to see, most of the group ( 25 of us) dispersed in different directions and I went off one way with Andy who had his dowsing rods with him, as we walked behind the pub where a large part of the circle was, I could actually see energy lines, Andy confirmed these with the rods many times and confirmed I was seeing lay lines, we spent some time there as I was finding one line after another, very powerful site, would love to have spent longer there but as we were on a time limit to get back to the coach, cut short our experiments.


After dinner in a pub we made our way to Stonehenge, the highlight of the day, we were visiting the site out of normal hours as a group not only to see the stones, but also to enter the circle and touch them too.
The weather had now turned to rain but even that couldn't dampen the spirits of the group ( excuse the pun), check out the pictures, many have Orbs in them.
To me certain stones seemed to have auras and was clearly visible others not so obvious.


It was a brilliant day and thanks must go to Billericay Spiritualist Church for arranging this for us.



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