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Since the dawn of mankind, those who were concerned about what the future held for them have sought guidance from ‘wise’ men and women.
From the ancient art of Geomancy and I Ching to the more recent Astrology, Palmistry and Tarot, the motive has always been to forecast events yet to take place.
Tarot cards have become one of the more popular means of divination and are available across the world varying in form, design and name, and the spreads in common use vary from a simple 3 card spread, to the Tree of life, in the original form using an entire deck of cards.
The origins of Tarot are somewhat obscure. the most common theories are Egypt - Thoth and the connection to the ancient mystery school teachings. The most common myth is that it was brought to Europe by the Gypsies. I have also read that there is a link as far back as ancient China. I believe that all ancient civilizations developed their own systems of divination.
Tarot as we know it today is a collection of images and symbols from a wide variety of cultures, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to the prehistoric Norse peoples, from the ancient religions of India and Egypt to the medieval courts of Italy and France.
The first clear reference that we have to Tarot cards is from a sermon that was collected with many others about 1500 in Italy found in the Steele Manuscript. The sermon is thought to date from about 1450 to 1470 and is a diatribe against games of chance. It gives a detailed description of the Tarot trumps, not only numbering them but naming them as well.

In these pages I will be showing my interpretation of each of the 78 cards in a standard tarot deck, including ways to remember them and key words you can use, this in itself is a vast undertaking and will load the pages as there are completed.




How To Use Tarot Cards To Connect To Your Higher Self And Receive Information And Guidance From The Cards.
The Complete Beginners Guide To Tarot.


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